Coconut Oil: The miracle elixir

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My first book “COCONUT OIL HANDBOOK: Nature’s miracle for weight loss, hair loss, and a beautiful you! ” was released in April of 2013. The feedback on this book has been tremendous and as a result of reading this book many people have had the opportunity to improve their health via this miracle elixir, coconut oil.

Coconut Oil HandbookI wrote this book because of the incredible number of people who suffer from the inability to lose weight, slow metabolism, elevated cholesterol levels, hair loss, unhealthy hair and skin, just to name a few. Coconut oil’s popularity is now booming, and it’s easy to see why. There’s almost nothing this natural substance can’t do.

It works to relieve stress, promote strong immunity, increase sluggish metabolism, help people lose weight,fights viruses,and much more. When applied correctly, it can also help prevent wrinkling and is a very good for dry skin and hair.

Coconut oil is what I call a powerful natural multi-tasker. In fact, it has close to a hundred uses many of which I have discussed in this book . After reading this book I hope that you not only gain insight into the natural miracle that coconut oil and also how it can be used both medicinally and non-medicinally.

In this book you will learn everything about coconut oil and its role as a saturated fat  and why we were wrong about saturated fats and health. We will explore how coconut oil stimulates weight loss by burning fat via a process called thermogenesis. You will come to understand how the coconut oil is the answer you have been looking for to improve your health and how it will improve your digestion, stimulate your immune system, control blood sugar levels,and help you get rid of yeast (candida).

Coconut oil had many non medicinal uses and in fact it may be the best beauty enhancement skin product you could ever use. It has been used externally to improve the health and look of hair and skin. You will understand Why coconut oil is the perfect treatment for hair and how it will leave your hair shinny and silky smooth and you will be finally able to control and get rid of dandruff.
coconut can also be used as a deodorant, toothpaste, and to control halitosis better known as bad breath.

In this day and age more and more people are trying to avoid the negative side effects of drug therapies.  The holistic movement is gaining ground and people are turning to natural remedies that are effective not only in treating symptoms but more importantly in promoting health.  Coconut oil falls into that category of a natural therapy that has both health promoting qualities as well and the ability to combat disease.

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